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How it works

Add to your browser

Install the Cointimes Extension in your browser.

Login to your account

Access your account in the extension with your Cointimes account.

Browse your favorite websites​

Watch videos on Youtube, read news on the main sites and visit the sites you like the most.

Earn bitcoin every day

Accumulate bitcoin at all times by surfing, viewing content and having fun.

Earn bitcoin by watching Youtube

With the Cointimes extension, you earn bitcoin on top sites like YouTube, Bloomberg, CNN and many others.

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Use in everyday life and earn bitcoin

Want to earn bitcoin? We have many ways that help you accumulate bitcoin every day.

Cointimes rewards your online purchases! Every time you buy from a partnered online store through Cointimes, you get a percentage of the value back in bitcoin. It’s like a cashback program, but with cryptocurrencies!

Browse and earn with Cointimes! By using Cointimes as your default browser extension, you earn bitcoin for the time you spend surfing the internet. It’s a simple and effective way to accumulate cryptocurrencies while doing what you already do every day.

Turn your screen time into rewards with Cointimes. By watching videos on YouTube or live streams on Twitch through Cointimes, you accumulate bitcoin. Whether it’s a movie, a series or a tutorial, you can earn while watching!

Do you like to read online articles, blogs or news? With Cointimes, you can get rewarded for it! Earn bitcoin every time you read online content through the extension. Turn your curiosity and love of reading into tangible rewards!

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User #88.056

It's a great way to save and invest at the same time.

5 months using the app


User #92.690

Everything about the App is good, I just didn't give it 10 because I'm still getting to know it and I'm new, but other than that, the app is very good.

1 month using the app


User #79.877

You delivered what you promised! Show did not deceive.

6 months using the app


User #8.533

All organization and the simplicity of accessing the content and rewards.

1 year using app

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